Lukas 1862 Oil

Lukas 1862 Oil

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Lagd med full pigment styrke og på nesten samme måte som den klassiske malingen fra 1800-tallet. Ved hjelp av moderne teknikker har LUKAS klart å skape farger med den samme intesiteten som male mestere verdsetter, nettopp fordi malingen krever lite til ingen bearbeidelse for å kunne tas i bruk.

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In LUKAS 1862 - Finest Artists’ Oil Colour, only selected, unadulterated pigments (such as high quality Cobalt, Cerulean or Cadmium pigments) from the tradition of old masters are used. At least 60% of all shades are single-pigment-made and by that they are excellent usable for clean-mixing of different brilliant colour-variations. A dash (0,5-1,5%) of the finest bleached Bees Wax as one of the ingredients gives the colour the famous „buttery and short“ consistency and makes the colour-film less brittle for the restorer. The binders are from pure, vegetable, linseed and sunflower oils in „special quality“. Available in 70 colours in 37ml tube, with 68 shades and 2 metallic colours.


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